by State Cows



released February 15, 2018

Daniel Andersson: lead and background vocals, guitars
Stefan Olofsson: keyboards, bass and drum programming
Michael Landau: lead guitar

Cover art: Sadir89


all rights reserved



State Cows Sweden

STATE COWS is one of very few modern yacht rock / westcoast / AOR bands that creates new original music.

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Track Name: I Got the Message
Creeping through suburban blight
In a half-wrecked camper van
Another grim and soulless night
No sleep until it’s over

Scanning with the cold blue light
Through a moorland made of dust
Something’s coming plain in sight
Is the mission finally over?

Never in a million years I dreamed that this could happen, oh no

I got the message
I heard the faint transmission
I got the message
Much too late

Used to be a an average Joe
Playing tapes with Steely Dan
One morning I arose to find
That everything was over

Crawled out through the basement hatch
To a wasteland filled with junk
Nothing left but burning sand
And a memo on the recorder
Could I make it to the border?
Track Name: Borrowed Time
Got a melting sorrow on my mind
I see no bright tomorrow down this line
But my hands are frozen like shards of ice
While in the deep green ocean the marlin cries

It’s just a spot
A pale blue dot

Living on borrowed time
We’re living on borrowed time
Living on borrowed time
We’re living on borrowed time

In the concrete jungle the heat is on
One billion mortals now on the run
Thunder clouds are gathering above the scene
But rain can’t wash the dirt off the big machine

It’s just a spot
A pale blue dot


It’s just a spot
That’s getting hot
There’s one more shot
To change the plot
This pale blue dot
Gotta give it, gotta give it what I’ve got

Track Name: Darwin Awards
Do you remember Lars from Acton place
Who used to come here every Sunday morning
He kept a cobra in an open cage
No matter what he didn't heed the warning

Into the fire
A fate so grim
Down to the wire
And out on a limb
We roll the dice
We roll the dice again

When I got no one left to play with
My bones are old and aching
I'll still be lost in the game
Who’ll win the Darwin awards
Who’ll win the Darwin awards

There's a rumour about a precinct nine
The cops are out there every Sunday morning
It's getting better but it's far from fine
They're slowly gathering now to crash and storm in


Track Name: Deportee
A spyglass spotted you around the shore
In high grass, holed up for the coming war

You were hoping to find someone anchored in mind
I made you drift away from me
I'm your friend, you're my deportee

A storm cloud sailing on the dismal sky
The reptile in exile is giving you a strange smile


Are you waiting for an invitation
Don't go looking for an explanation
I don't care about your situation


Tidewrack stuck under your sandal shoe
A sidetrack, it was never really me and you

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