Stealing the Show

by State Cows

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Stefan Sandkvist
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Stefan Sandkvist Mycket bra platta, kan inte välja vilket spår som är bäst då allting känns lika bra. Super helt enkelt. Favorite track: Holly Mole.
Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen thumbnail
Daniel Allen 1st time through and already loving the new tunes! Hope this means we will be hearing a whole new album soon...
Starar thumbnail
Starar Wonderful songs! Stuck on a train has a really original vibe to the chorus, and these songs are just like all the classic West Coast songs of the 80s which is why I love State Cows! :D


released January 20, 2016

Songs written by Daniel Andersson and Stefan Olofsson

Daniel Andersson: vocals, guitars, cover art
Stefan Olofsson: keyboards, bass, mixing
Peter Olofsson: drums
Mikael Emsing: percussion
Samuel Muntlin: saxophone

Photo: Erwin Vindl (
Mastering: Promaster (




State Cows Sweden

Swedish westcoast/AOR band in the style of Steely Dan, Toto, Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Pages, Airplay and Maxus.

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Track Name: Stuck on a Train
From Dagenham Heathway to Upton Park
Life’s peculiar after dark
Stopped at Aldgate East
And ran into a priest
Does it only happen to me

Tried to leave at Turnham Green
Packed inside like a sardine
And at Acton Town
The chips were down
When I finally realized

I’m stuck on a train
Down here in the underground
I gotta get off

Crossing Bromley-By-The-Bow
I’m only two years late by now
And by Chiswick Park
I made a harsh remark
When I finally realized
Track Name: Holly Mole
Thought I saw her standing there
With her dark and dazzling hair
But as I drove up
It was another made girl

Was a deer now she’s a rat
And I fear that’s where it’s at
Squeezed me with her paws
And left me paralyzed

Holly Mole is on the run
She’s the daughter of a gun
And when you’re burning inside
There’s nowhere to hide

Phone was buzzing yesterday
A crackling voice in my ear said
Better change the lock
Or I’ll be wearing cement shoes

She’s been gone for ten years now
The streets have settled down somehow
But when I try to sing
Out comes nothing but the blues